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Electrical Energy Efficiency Group

Prof. Philippe Jacquod

My research group is in the School of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. Our research is on electric power systems, but is slowly starting to include other network-coupled dynamical systems such as information technology networks, consensus algorithms, gas and water networks and so forth. Originally, our interest was in getting a better understanding of how electric power will be produced, transmitted, distributed and consumed - and perhaps even stored - with the upcoming energy transition and all the changes that the latter brings about.

The topic is broad and while generally interested in aspects of energy efficiency, we soon found ourselves focusing on aspects of power grids stability and multi-stability, on issues of network security of operation - from overall network robustness to specific, local network vulnerabilities - and last but not least, on analogies between electric power systems and related models (the notorious Kuramoto model) on complex networks and superconductivity/superfluidity. In these pages you will find some relatively concise information on our research activities and interests. I delibarately decided to keep it short. If you're interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me ( Click me ). Further documents and info can be obtained on our github.

Right now (summer 2022) the group is composed of three PhD students, and I. I am always interested in meeting motivated and skilled young researchers. If you are interested in joining the group either as a postdoc or a PhD student, do not hesitate to contact me ( Click me ). Keep in mind, however, that we are doing theoretical physics/mathematics/theoretical electrical engineering; strong mathematical skills and an interest for conceptual thinking are a prerequisite.