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23 Jan 2020

PanTaGruEl - Open Access model of the European transmission grid

PanTaGruEl, our new Open Access, dynamical model of the synchronous grid of Continental Europe is up and running and available online !

The model has been designed primarily to investigate disturbance propagation in the continental Europe transmission grid. Its (almost!) unique feature is that it has geographical localization of all buses, lines and power plants. Additionally, it proposes a number of standard functionalities such as

The model is meant to evolve, become more precise and include further functionalities in the future. It has been developed for use with Matpower. We would be happy to develop it further for use in a different language, or with added functionalities upon demand. For any suggestions and/or requests please contact philippe.jacquod@hevs.ch or laurentpagnier@math.arizona.edu . We also welcome any feedback you may have.

Link to PanTaGruEl :